Street Style from Anna Scholz


Cool, young and trendy collection from Anna Scholz


The Campaign was photographed on the streets of metropolitan London capturing an urban edge that is blended into the whole ‘cool’ essence of this collection. All the pieces have that easy wear ability with minimal effort for maximum effect.

This a collection for the ‘younger Anna Scholz sister’….

‘Down dressing’ items is a cool thing in styling. The maxi kaki skirt combined with sneakers and for example a leather jacket is perfect for daily wear! That’s what I like about this collection from Anna Scholz. Not too ‘undressed.. no, just the way you could wear it!

‘Become a woman who is fearless, with impeccable, creative, and enviable personal style’ says Anna. This collection offers the perfect style balance between feminine and polished, with the edginess and attitude of a more masculine style. ‘Tell it like it is, stand up, own it, inspire and be inspired.’



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