“Stubborn people have a lot of talent”

Anouk: One of the best singers of the Netherlands!! And if you ask me, the best looking woman with a fantastic voice! Anouk has been photographed by the great artist and photographer Erwin Olaf for Dutch Vogue. I can’t wait to see the result in the magazine, but you can now already see the preview and video above. A great quote of Anouk: “I don’t mind people who are stubborn, I love it.”

She continues: “I think it’s even better when stubborn people are having a mission and a lot of talent.” She’s very stubborn and a rebel of her own. Even her style is very rebel, rock chick! But on the other side she’s very very feminine! Probably that’s why I love this girl! She is going to sing for The Netherlands during the Eurovision Song Contest this year with the song: ‘Birds’. A totally different song than we are used to from her… but it’s so beautiful!

Below you can hear the song:


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