‘Style and beauty is a self confidence’


On Youtube I saw this discussion about body image. Oh, boy… these women are sooo right! I got inspired by all their stories. These are strong and confident women discussing the image of women’s bodies. In this ‘body image roundtable’ the conversation leads to how painful the inauthentic have been to females and why mass culture accepts these (or any standards) that diminish women. We often ask our muses to tell us what they consider to be beautiful. Now fashion stylist Elisa Goodkind from Style Like U is going to answer what is beautiful to me: “beautiful to me is Eve, Cory Kennedy, Venus X, Grace Lee, Megan LeCrone, Nicolette Mason, Domonique Echeverria, and Sara Ziff.

Each of these women has the guts to set a new tone for what I feel is the beginning of a fresh empowerment. Diana Vreeland, Gloria Steinem, and Coco Chanel all wore clothes — clothes did not wear them, because their sartorial freedom and voices gave license to a needed change. Style and beauty is a self confidence that comes from a willingness to be as much vulnerable as bold, having vision and putting your money where your mouth is. The 21st c. is upon us — time to blow up what’s exhausted and doesn’t work anymore.”
Beautiful words by Style Like U. And I can only support this empowerment: ‘Style and beauty is a self confidence’! Great quote and motto for life!

Please, take your time to see this video.. a great inspiration!