‘style has no size’ campaign of Evans


A lot of confusion… about the ‘style has no size’ campaign of Evans.


Above the gorgeous inbetweenies Aglaë Dreyer, Jennie Runk and Philomena Kwao.
Yes… it’s my website, it’s my slogan… my vision. We have an agreement about using this quote. It’s not a collaboration. They use the quote. And of course I am totally into this!

Evans accomplished an industry first during London Fashion Week after sending curvy models down the catwalk clad in high-end designer gear. Now, plus-size retailer Evans is hoping to drive home the mantra ‘style has no size‘ with their new limited-edition T-shirt and shopping bag line.


Available from June, the collection will be available in Evans’ stores.
And they exactly the same as my message to all women. Having style has nothing to do with a size and you can’t weigh beauty. Every woman has the right to look good and dare to be noticed.

Evans believes that there is a fashionista out there who is confident and sexy, who is bold in her outfit choices and who isn’t limited by her size. She is body beautiful and craves great style as well as acceptence in the fashion arena.
Social media is becoming ever more powerful, never before has a channel been so impactful or opinionated , body size, beauty and image are open for discussion, speculation and judgement. The statement STYLE HAS NO SIZE celebrates women of all sizes; whether you are size 6 or a size 26, we acknowledge that your style is not restricted by your size.

Evans say the campaign is about ‘body confidence’ not ‘big or small, or fat or thin’. ‘body confidence is the best accessory’

To promote and share the STYLE HAS NO SIZE mantra to a wider audience we have produced a limited number of white tee’s and denim shopper bags emblazoned with the STYLE HAS NO SIZE slogan.
All profits from the sale of each Style Has No Size Tee will go to Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. I wish it went to the Edith Dohmen foundation…

YOU can win one of these bags… I have a few to give away! Email to edith@stylehasnosize.com a picture and tell me why #stylehasnosize is so important for you! The quote, my website, or something else!

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