Style Has No Size according to Edith Dohmen!

An article about me and my blog on Be you Be BOLD
Bold Magazine focuses on REAL women just like you. At BOLD, you’re not a size, shape, or color. Your clothes are not from anywhere but your dresser drawer. And being “cool” just means being yourself.

We’re all stars at BOLD. And, we don’t just tell ourselves that. We really ARE! BOLD is beautiful. BOLD inspires. BOLD doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t hate.

BOLD Magazine strives to showcase positive role models for young women, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity, or societal stature. We promote confidence, strength, and self esteem. Our goal is to empower young women to be themselves through encouraging and engaging media.

what is your blog about? How did you decide you wanted to start your blog? What is your goal? What advice do you have for young plus sized women? What’s the next step for your site? Where are you taking the movement next? And many other questions you want to know about me!

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