Summer Inspiration: comfy shoes!


Summer Inspirations by me for you… see my choice of comfy shoes!

Summer Inspirations by me for you… from now I will show you my favorite items for summer in your size. This time ‘comfy shoes’. Shoes are soooo important when it comes to your outfit, your style. And of course wearing heels are making you taller and you will look slimmer. But… not everyone can walk on heels. I must admit the last time I just prefer comfy shoes, which look very stylish. Because I don’t like to wear shoes just to be practical, comfy and are ugly. My looks for summer: wearing shorts and comfy shoes with socks. I made a great selection for you and more inspiration by some street styles.

Let me know what YOU think about these shoes. And what do you wear in summer?

Streetstyle inspiration:




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