Swimsuits for everyBODY


Sexy at every curve is the new swimwear campaign of swimsuits for all. And wow! Such great diversity in body types! Well done! No more body shaming! EveryBODY is gorgeous… and this campaign shows that!

It’s a shoot for a calendar of curvy girls in swimwear with Gabi Fresh, Jada Sezer, Robyn Lawley and Shareefa J! Amazing to promote swimwear in this way! Gabi is the only non-model of these 4 girls. Probably because there are not many top models in her size. But she is doing a really good job between these great models!

And again… if you have the guts to wear a bikini… it doesn’t matter what size you are! Think twice this summer.. and go for it! There is so many great swimwear to get out there… finally… because when I just started my blog, it was very hard to find bikini’s in sizes 42 EU, 12 US and up. Not even talking about cute ones! And now a days… wow! A real plus size bikini revolution!





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  • I am 56 and it took me until a few years ago to stop hating my image in the mirror. I had to accept myself for me and stop listening to well meaning friends who thought, and still think, they had a right to dictate how I look. Support me in eating healthy but understand I am not trying to be a size 10. I am comfortable as a 16/18. It is refreshing to see this ad campaign champion women.

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