Swimwear in VROUW magazine


Remember I styled the swimwear photoshoot for VROUW summer magazine? This time on inbetweenie model Jana (size 42 EU/12 US). Love to have models in this size in magazines, without mentioning ‘XL’ or plus size. It is out NOW! And I am very proud to show the world how great it is to see swimwear on an ‘average sized’ woman!

There’s always ‘a thing’ going on, when we talk about swimwear. “OMG, we have to wear a bikini, so I have to work on my body”. Why are you doing this? To wear a bikini or swimsuit just 1 or 2 weeks? On holiday? And after that, you can be ‘yourself’ again? I hope to show that you can wear a bikini in every size. But YOU must believe in yourself and have ‘the guts’, the confidence to wear a bikini! Because it’s not a problem only size 42 EU/12 US have. I know many women in smaller sizes dealing with this problem!

Most of the swimwear in this shoot is from the ‘regular size’ collection. Many swimsuits will come in sizes 46 EU/16 US, but bikini’s are really hard to find in this size. There’s not only pictures in this production, but also my tips and tricks!! Will come back to that soon! I will show you some tips for your swimwear search (plus some optical tips), so you’ll find the perfect bikini.




Backstage video:

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