‘The Sylvie Meis Collection’ for Hunkemöller


Style has no size visited the Hunkemöller event

Last week was the presentation of the new collection of Dutch presentator Sylvie Meis and the Christmas collection for Hunkemöller and Style has no size was present! Cute bras and sexy one-piece-underwear with all the gitter and glam you need.


Arriving at the event there was this big massive snow globe where you could stand in for some pictures, also there was a ‘mini big wheel’ , mini billboard of the pictures from the new collection , a dj and last but not least a cocktail and wine bar.


Lots of bloggers and press were there to see Sylvie Meis during her welcome toast. In the beginning everybody was busy taking pictures of the wonderful dressing of this event, It looked pretty impressive.
Jumping in to the racks with the bra’s and amazing underwear to inspect if it was worth wearing,
loving the body suits sexy one pieces in this collection, it is absolutely lovely! My favorite underwear of the silvie meis collection is again the one piece in beige color with a sparkle on the back. Sexy underwear is verry important, it’s the key to feel sexy during your night out.



Yess R
The music started and Silvie came in for her welcome speech, I snapped some pictures and than Dutch rapper Yess R came that was rapping in dutch about …silvie a song for her about her.


Right size
Remember always wear the right size bra’ and underwear, at Hunkemöller they can size you up so that you never have to wear the wrong size again.

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