“That’s what really makes you beautiful”

Gorgeous inbetweenie model Marianne Nykjaer (size 46 EU) from Belgium. She has a beautiful message: “How you feel about yourself is more important than how you look. Feeling confident in your own skin, that’s what really makes you beautiful.”


  • Congrats! Your blog is really great! It motivates girls like us to like and learn about our bodies and get more and more confident. Last summer I moved in to a new city, a big city, and I got weight. I got really sad about it, well, I don’t know yet if I’m okay about my weight or about people’s comments. My boyfriend helps me a lot, he says that I’m beautiful and I don’t need to worry about this stuff.
    Now i started thinking differently about my body, started appreciate it. And, somehow, your blog, among others, is helping me with this 🙂

    • That’s a great story about body and size acceptance! Well done! And dare to be noticed! Go out and shop with your boyfriend, and buy really nice clothes. Be gorgeous, be YOU! X Edith

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