The 2 worlds of River Island make me happy!


More options to shop!


Do you what I love about River Island? I can shop in both worlds. The straight size collection and the plus size department. This is the advantage of being an inbetweenie! And this brings me more possibilities! Tops, blazers and jackets I can wear from the regular collection. But bottoms, I really need them from the plus collection. For this look, river Island let me shop at their website.

Must have look!
I have chosen for an outfit you really need to have in your closet! It’s totally 2017! Ripped jeans, boyfriend model. I am wearing a size 48, but I also could wear a size 46 EU. Because it’s a very loose fit, very baggy! It goes up to a size 54 EU. The white ruffles blouse is from the regular collection, I wear the largest size, size 44 EU. I love to wear a more fitted top on a baggy pair of jeans.


Combined it with this pair of silver metallic sandals. No socks??? yes, I am also very surprised.. haha! And a blue accent, the small bag!

Banner 728 x 90 RI Plus


These are the items are wear:

River Island Dames


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