THE 2017 summer fashion trends: Sparkle & Shine


Add some metallics

We are in the middle of winter, but I am looking forward spring and summer… do you want to know which trend we will see this year? Check this out! Part 2: Sparkle & Shine!

The winter season already showed us some metallics. Combination of shine in an everyday look is already done. And who loves more metallics in gold and silver summer ’17 will be your fashion! We will also see sequins and shimmer in our casual looks. I love that! “Everyday is a party and fashion is fun!” Down dress these party items. So remember, while you do some sale shopping: add some metallic to your basket!

1.Lamé drama: All things shiny made for a resolutely contemporary energy with a new kind of high-octane elegance reflected in head-to-toe gold and silver.

2. Metallic finish: Urban mermaids or space warriors? A deep blue wave broke over the runways at Kenzo, Maison Margiela and Chanel, with iridescent textures and futurist accents.

3. Saturday night fever: Sequins and shimmer set the runways on fire this Fashion Week. Minis are out and long sparkling sheaths are in, along with Seventies references and Bianca Jagger-style pyjamas.

Mulberry, Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant

Kenzo, Maison Margiela and Chanel

Lanvin, Dior, Alexander McQueen

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