The cover model didn’t fit the Lacroix skirt.

Anna Wintours first ever Vogue cover from November 1988. The model, Michaela, was wearing a haute couture Christian Lacroix jacket with Guess jeans. She was wearing these jeans, because the skirt (part of the Lacroix suit) didn’t fit the model. She had been on vacation in Israel and had gained a little weight.
“People applied all sorts of interpretations: It was about mixing high and low, Michaela was pregnant, it was a religious statement. But none of these things were true. I had just looked at that picture and sensed the wind of change. And you can’t ask for more from a cover image than that.” Was Anna happy using a model that didn’t fit the sample sizes? Now, with Wintour having only recently launched Vogue’s ‘Health Initiative’, we hope only healthy sizes will be in Vogue.

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