The first KLOUT-party


A total different subject this time… something you are not used to read on my blog. Being very active on social media is very important for me to be able to talk about my mission. Since 2 weeks I heard about KLOUT. What is KLOUT? KLOUT digs deep into social media to understand how people influence each other, so that everyone can discover and be recognized for how they influence the world. The Klout Score measures a person’s overall online influence on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the most influential.

You can be called: curator, celebrity, specialist, socializer, activist, networker, explorer, observer, etc. Famous influencers are Barack Obama with 99, DJ Tiesto with 89, Model Doutzen Kroes has 82, singer Anouk with 81, Cain Ransbottyn has 77, my favorite radio dj Giel with 72 and Social Media guru Jan Willem Alphenaar has 70. Oh, my score is about 68… and I feel very proud! Hope I can inspire many people and will be a real influencer!

On the 27th of August there will be the first KLOUT party in Antwerp organized by Cain Ransbottyn. And everyone can come, if you have a KLOUT membership and score. And it doesn’t matter how high this score is. And there will be different areas for diferent amounts of klout numbers.

Together with Cain Ransbottyn, when I was at SMC03 in Antwerp a few weeks ago.

I talked to Jan Willem Alphenaar and asked him some questions about KLOUT. He is also involved with organizing of this KLOUT-party by Social Media Club Antwerp by Cain Ransbottyn. The picture above, is from the rooftop of Kube8, where the party will be! Even YOU can come, check out THE KLOUT PARTY ANTWERP!


Jan Willem Alphenaar. Social media expert. Sharing his knowledge with everyone. Speaker, trainer, giving workshops business, marketing, communication, presentation and trends.

1. What does KLOUT mean to you? Please explain! Klout is not really important for me. When Klout just came into the world I had a very high score (even top 10 of The Netherlands) just because of what I did. After that many people scored higher because of some tricks. I am not a cheater, my score is real and I think that feels better.

2. How big can your influence be? Everyone can be an influencer. Depends on what kind of influence you want to have. You can have a score of 80+, just because you get many ‘hearts’ on instagram by posting pictures of your kids or pets, but that doesn’t make you an influencer!

3. Interesting for who? For certain brands it can be very interesting as measurement. Cain Ransbottyn and I are working on an agency to connect between brands and influencers. And being an expert is more important than just having a high KLOUT score.

4. What can you ‘use’ your score for? Especially in the USA you can get some nice gifts (perks), because of your score. Free software, etc. Sometimes there are even special VIP spots on airports like Atlanta and there are party’s with high KLOUT score special VIP treatments.

5. You attitude should not change because of KLOUT. Why not? You want to score and grow? If you really just go for the score, then the value is not really realistic. It’s just a number. It’s more important to show who you are and show the world what you want to tell. If you are doing great, and reach the right people, you will be very influential.

6. A KLOUT party for the first time: why should you go? The idea of the klout party is to show Belgium how important the title ‘influencer’ is. We want to show people how higher your KLOUT score, just like celebrities, you will have some privileges. We want to show people this and let them experience what it feels like.
And why these different levels? The higher your score, the better the party experience. And the more very influential friends will show up, the better the score will grow. So, make sure… you will be there!


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