The influence of ads

Skinny models and celebrity ads don’t sell? An article on Daily Mail about the influence of ads. Advertisers have long argued that ‘slim girls’ sell more products than their ‘curvier colleagues’, but a new study reveals that in actual fact they do the opposite. This is the result of research done at Warwick Business School. I thought media, advertising and fashion did NOT influence people about how they look? Do you remember the model that was ‘too skinny’ for TopShop?

So if the model is not too prominent in the picture, it’s ok. I think it’s getting time for a change in ads and put some more ‘real’ models in there. But not ‘too real’, cause there are people who don’t like ads like Dove. These women are too ‘normal’, they still need to look a bit more glamorous than your neighbour.

Some points of the study:
“In a nutshell, if advertisers use large close-ups, women loathe it, but if they place the model in a less prominent position, female shoppers respond well.”

“We found that the way the picture of the perfectly shaped model was used was very important in determining a positive or negative effect on women’s self-perception.”

I think that advertisements are the way to sell you an illusion. Even back in time we saw these ‘perfect people’ selling us their products. I am curious if there’s a difference between selling clothes, beauty and other products to this influence on ‘our self perception’.

What do you think about the models in ads? Are you uncomfortable seeing them? And what’s the difference about seeing models in ads or on the runway or tv? I think it’s all the same. It’s not just the ad. No, it’s the overall ‘unrealistic image’ to promote things. Why can’t there be size diversity in everything?

Maybe we have to go back in time and use illustrated ads again…



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