The next Crystal Renn: Myla Dalbesio: the term ‘plus size’ is outdated!

24-year-old model Myla Dalbesio is a rising star on Ford’s illustrious plus board!
Before she did some straight see modeling, but many times she heard: ‘Well you’re great but could you lose like 15 pounds?’ The guy from IMG was like “I love you, I’d sign you right now but can you drop a size?’

“I think that this division between straight and plus is really harmful.The term ‘plus size’ is outdated. To get rid of the term ‘plus’ would be a step in the right direction. Ideally there would be no division–it would just be models are models and we’d be on the same board as girls who are size two. We want to be looked as just as talented and worthwhile as these other women. These terms just make my skin crawl. Also, the clothes made specifically for a plus size women, I feel like designers don’t give them any thought.”

This is exactly what I mean: The term ‘plus size’ is outdated. We don’t have to think in sizes anymore…

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