The result of the Belloya photoshoot: ‘my style, my rules’


And here is the result of the photos !!


It’s amazing when a brand wants you to be their ambassador. Ambassador for the new brand Belloya. It’s even more amazing to share this with 2 other great influencers and models Mayra de Wilde and Marianne Nykjaer. Women who share the same message: body positivity.


Style has no size
I want to show that everyone can look amazing, no matter what size you are. That’s also my slogan: style has no size. And I also believe that every woman deserves to be noticed. Don’t hide yourself, be you and shine! #Togetherweshine

Fashion is fun!
As an ambassador, I want to show women that fashion is fun! You should feel happy when you get dressed. I love to combine; I love to make unexpected styles.

A bit inspired by Gucci… I completed my look with this pair of glasses

My style, my rules
I showed you already some of my looks in my last Belloya backstage post. I have a unique style that’s not likely for many women to have. I love a vintage, geek-chic and boyish style. I find it very important that I can be myself. And what I think is very important, that I can be myself. It’s my style, my rules.

Rebel, feminine and a vintage touch, wearing a customised blazer

This is Marianne, feminine and simplicity

Urban girly Mayra!

The same is about my opinion, saying everything I want… freedom! That’s so important to me. I have an opinion, everyone has one! And it’s great to talk to people, even when you disagree… you always get inspired by someone else’s ideas. My vision: “Every woman in every size, color and age is beautiful”.

Great to share this with you all!




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