The ‘skinny mirror’ will make you look 20 kilo lighter!


On Daily Mail I read about the ‘skinny mirror’. This sounds amazing! Entrepreneur Belinda Jasmine has come up with a great alternative to cosmetic surgery, a mirror that makes people look almost 20 kilo slimmer than they actually are. And on reflection, this invention could be a girl’s new best friend. The Skinny Mirror uses curved glass to trick users into appearing up to 20 kilo lighter, delivering a welcome boost of self confidence.

Belinda claims her invention is a safe alternative to cosmetic surgery and cosmetics and says her motto is ‘you only look as good as you feel’.

I can only agree, if you get a more positive feeling about watching at your self in this mirror. If it gives you confidence and a positive attitude… everyone should have it! haha…. But in the end you are fooling yourself! Self confidence starts in your head… accept your body, your size and your flaws! You don’t need a skinny mirror, you need yourself telling you are gorgeous!

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