The Urban Outfitters Class of 2017


A great diversity of girls, boys


Revelist published an article about the new #UOonYou campaign. There’s The Class of 2017. And in this class is a great diversity of girls, boys, transgender model Hari Nefand and inbetweenie model Barbie Ferreira (see picture below).


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And about Barbie Ferreira, they got some issues. Because Urban Outfitters stocks women sizes up to a US size 12, or a 33-inch waist and 43-inch hips. Model Barbie Ferreira, meanwhile, rocks a 33.5-inch waist and 47.5-inch hips.
Urban Outfitters is using a plus-size superstar to market clothes that are almost five inches too small for her. I understand their anger about this. Women with size 14 or 16 recognise themselves in barbie, but they will be disappointed when they show up in the shops. Do you remember Nadia for American  Apparel? She won American Apparel’s model search. She was the face, but they didn’t carry her size, that time it was amazing. Why shouldn’t we be that today?

But, my opinion, I think it’s great to show an inbetweenie in their campaign. Inbetweenies shop in this kind of shops, they look for the shape and not the size. Probably Barbie is doing this her whole life too. Check the interview with Barbie on Urban Outfitters


My 1st time
I remember my 1st time in Urban Outfitters in Miami, I think it was in 2004, in Las Vegas. I was a size 12/14 US that time, but I fell in love with UO, the whole concept, lifestyle, etc. And I also bought items over there, even the label told me the size was too small.

And this is why I give a big applause for UO, I think more and more women in size 12-16/18 should walk into shops like this. Shops which don’t carry their sizes, but there are a lot of clothes they can wear because of the shape instead of the size. Specially the young girls, want to shop the same as their friends in smaller sizes.  Monki, Zara, Bershka, Cos, Mango, etc. etc…. shops ‘we’ inbetweenies can’t shop, but my experience, give it a try. There are always items which will fit.
I think this is revolution, thank you UO for this positive campaign!


But… of course, I think that UO should extend their sizes to at least a size 16 US. So, the average size women want to this shop easily and have more choice to buy clothes. Better for them but absolutely better for UO!

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