Thin, fat, curvy, flat… everyBODY can wear a bikini!


Time to go to the beach in a bikini….

Totally hot over here in The Netherlands because of the heatwave… and time to go to the beach. And my opinion is that every woman in every size who has the guts to wear a bikini, they are ‘allowed’ to wear it! If you feel good, no matter what size you are, you can go to the beach and wear a bikini. Maybe a size 46 is more comfy about their body that a size 36, who isn’t.

The 22-year-old American blogger Loey Lane came with the ‘Why Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis’ video
“I didn’t realise there was a meeting and all the people who are allowed to decide what’s attractive and what’s not are now commenters on YouTube,” she said.

“Seeing this much skin on a bigger woman makes someone else uncomfortable… Why does someone else get to dictate what you put on your body?

Great quote from Loey Lane: ‘Bigger girls aren’t asking for your feedback.’

It seems, however, that not everyone is positive about plus-size models and social media stars gaining such big following after all. As shown in Lane’s videos’ comments, many say that curvy figures are as unhealthy as the anorexic-looking models, because they promote obesity.
Lane began her Why Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis video saying: ‘I’ve learnt that apparently fat girls in bikinis get a lot of mixed reviews. So, I thought I’d give you a list today of the reasons why fat girls shouldn’t wear bikinis. Apparently.’

Thin, fat, curvy, flat… everyBODY can wear a bikini! If you feel good… go for it! It’s your body, your rules! I am very pleased that more and more plus size bikinis are available! When I started this website, I was asking for bikini’s in my size all the time… now there is more choice. If you want it, you can buy it!

Check out the video of Loey Lane:

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