This is not about a size!

Healthy is the New Skinny believes in making our own fashion rules. We don’t care what size the clothes are; we care how cute those outfits look on us! All of our models are healthy beautiful girls who are committed to representing women of all shapes and sizes: they’re committed to representing you. Not all of our models look like the ones you see in high fashion magazines, but each is a stunning and inspiring representative of natural beauty.

What is Healthy is the New Skinny?
This is not about a size. It’s about a movement.

Healthy is the New Skinny is about revolutionizing how we think about, talk about, live in and love our bodies. It’s about putting happiness and vibrant good health first and foremost. Generations of young women have assessed their own worth by how far they are from the ideal of unrealistic thinness. Healthy is the New Skinny believes in natural beauty, the kind that can’t be defined by a hip measurement, but is defined by fitness and fun.

“You should love your body the way it is.” You’ve heard that message a million times, seen it a million places. But too often, that message is contradicted by the lifestyle and values of the messenger. That conflict between words and actions shows up in the disconnect between the fashion editorials and the articles in many magazines. It shows up in our friendships, where we’re on the receiving end of reassuring messages about self-love from people who clearly don’t love themselves. We’re not stupid – we can tell when someone isn’t practicing what they preach.

The size standards in fashion today are extremely unrealistic, even harmful. They give all of us a distorted image of true beauty, depriving all of us of a chance to see just how good healthy can look. Healthy is the New Skinny wants to show you a new vision of authentic beauty — and we want to show you in a big way.

The Healthy is the New Skinny community invites you to join us. You’ll see how our models live out their commitment to natural, healthy, beauty. You’ll be able to interact with our models and our expert advisers, and you’ll be able to share your own story and read those of others. We’re here to support you, inspire you – and just as importantly, be inspired by you.

Healthy is the New Skinny is about fun, it’s about fashion, it’s about changing the world one girl, one woman, one body at a time. Join us.

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