This is really the end of Yves Saint Laurent…

This fall, fashion house Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) will change its name to “Saint Laurent Paris.” The French brand’s creative director, Hedi Slimane, confirmed to WWD that YSL will re-brand itself with the dramatic change. Saint Laurent will make its debut when the Spring 2012 collection hits stores. The iconic YSL logo will not be thrown to the wayside, however. The brand will keep the emblem on its shoe soles, makeup cases and in advertising campaigns, reported Lucky magazine. The logo, designed by Ukrainian-French artist A.M. Cassandre in 1963, has been synonymous with the brand since it was first launched by designer Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent. I think it’s really strange to change a brand as big as this… why don’t they just start a totally new brand? I think Yves Saint Laurent will be shocked in his coffin.


  • This is showing no respect for the late Yves Saint Laurent whatsoever.
    Have they completely lost their minds over there?

  • It sounds a bit like “commercial” suicide.
    Would it be a font-change i could understand it a little, but a NEW name.
    Nope that is just way out there

  • I am also shocked ! Yves was a wonderful designer and artist. I hope that we also agree on demanding full respect of Yves Saint Laurents person and work, that he will be able to rest in peace also in the future.

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