Those things should be illegal!

The things that keeps surprising me every season and every year, are those fashion items that keep coming back in various collections. They are everywhere! But they are items that have nothing to do with fashion. Apparantly they sell well, because you can not look passed them on the street! Most people probably think they are carrying a timeless item. There is nothing wrong with beautiful and timeless basics. But ladies: I’m talking about tacky items here! So what items am I talking about? Here is a top 5 of items that deserve to be burned at the stake. I’m all for a ritual burning!

Without a doubt: number 1 is the square jeans jeacket. This type of jacket keeps popping up every season in various collection of various clothing labels and warehouses. Since I was even aware that such a thing as clothing existed, the square jeans jacket has been there! It’s an item that appears timeless. But has this jacket ever been trendy? It does nothing for a woman, no matter what her size or shape is. So everyone who owns a jacket like that: never wear in in public ever again.

Number 2 is also pretty obvious: that awful hip belt! I’m sorry, but don’t they see it? What this belt does to women? It’s close to a giant arrow pointing at their flaws: look at these hips!!! Even though what women are actually trying to do is cover up their hips and tummy with a wide, often white, belt. It is an item that was probably bought in in large amounts by a lot of fashion brands. And they still sell heaps of those belts to poor women who don’t have a clue.

Which brings us to number 3; the three quarter legging. I often see this one underneath a short jeans skirt (another classic gone bad) or underneath a skirt that barely shows the legging. What a lot of people don’t know is that the length of the legging only puts the emphasis on the calves. And it often makes you look shorter than you actually are. The reason why women wear this legging is because they are afraid to wear a skirt or dress bare-legged. If you are like that, it’s better to go for a long legging, or, in the winter, thick tights.

Number 4 is an item I often see worn by the fuller ladies: the stringed capri pants. Oh please! Who invented those? Whatever type of woman you are: it does noothing for you. The length alone: again so shortening. Because the capri goes straight down it also doesn’t look graceful at all. And for those women who tighten the strings: you’re only putting the emphasis on your hips and ass. Do we want that? No, ofcourse NOT.

Last but not least number five: UGG(ly)S. Impossible to imagine the streets without them the past couple of years. And I fail to see why! I get it in the winter: they are warm. But in my opinion, why not wear your slippers? And now that I think of it: with all the snow last winter, I saw plenty of women fall flat on their faces wearing these monsters! So it’s not like it gives you a lot of grip. Most women wear these boots with skinny jeans. It makes you look everything but elegant! So if these could be removed from the street? I would be forever grateful….

These items keep surprising me. But enough about the items that deserve to be burned. All i’m saying is: it should be illegal to sell and purchase these items! i’d rather see women wearing clothes anno 2011! Time to shop trendy!

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