Throw back Thursday: my 1st BIKINI

foto kopie 2

On Facebook I always see some people going back in time and showing pictures of themselves when they were young… throwback Thursday! I always love to see pictures of people when they were little. I will show you some ‘old pictures’ of me. When I was a baby, a young child, teenager. It’s so great to see how you looked when you were younger…

My first bikini, I think I was 2,5 years old, no boobs or curves yet! LOL! Summer in the Netherlands and having fun as a child, splashing around in the small swimming pool in our garden. My mum made this cute bikini. This was my first, but definitely not my last. The search for bikini’s has been a big challenge for me all these years, and still is.

I am still wearing a bikini when I am going to the beach in the Netherlands or on holiday. Yesterday I heard on the radio that ‘only’ 42% of Dutch women wear a bikini. I have mentioned it many times. It’s not about size, it’s about having ‘the guts’, the confidence to wear it!

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  • How cute! Voor dames die het net als Edith lastig vinden om een bikini te scoren kijk eens naar de bikini recensies die sinds begin mei op mijn pagina staan. Veel vrouwen gaven al aan dat ze door het zien van andere dames met bovengemiddelde rondingen nu wel een bikini durven te dragen. Hoe meer vrouwen dat gaan doen hoe gewoner en dus makkelijker het wordt.

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