Throw back Thursday: tomboy


On Facebook I always see some people going back in time and showing pictures of themselves when they were young… throwback Thursday! I always love to see pictures of people when they were little. I will show you some ‘old pictures’ of me. When I was a baby, a young child, teenager. It’s so great to see how you looked when you were younger…

If I see this picture, I don’t recognize myself at all! Omg, I can’t remember being a tomboy! When I think about myself, I was a real girly girl.. loved pink, dresses and playing with my barbie dolls. Sitting on this car, which was my 4 years older brothers car. This picture I’m wearing a ugly overall…  What was my mother thinking ? Haha! Styled with helmet, and daddy’s working gloves. Probably this was one of those acting moments. Dressed terrible and being a ‘character’ and doing a little performance! Wondering why I never have become an actress… LOL

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