Throwback Tuesday Trip: Cape Town!



From now I will write every month about a trip I made in the past. This category I call: Throwback Tuesday Trip! About my fashion trips all over the world! And this is my first fashion trip ever!

During my trainee as a stylist at Cosmopolitan in 2003, I was asked to go to Cape Town, South Africa, to do a fashion shoot. Wooooow! Many fashion teams are going to Cape Town or Miami for their summer fashion shoots. In both these places are many model agencies. Straight size and plus size, so it’s very easy to work with models over there.

One of the things about Cape Town is the time difference. This is so great, travel about 11,5 hours in a plane and arrive in the same time zone. Sun, warmth, a beautiful city and gorgeous people are waiting for you!

After the photographer, assistant, make up artist and me have arrived at a great hotel nearby the water, we first had to acclimate a little. When you leave The Netherlands in January for Cape Town, there will be a huge temperature difference. But that’s no punishment!

The team is ready for ‘location day’! Beside the touristic spots like Table Mountain, the Botanic gardens, penguins at Simons Town and Cape Point, we had to search for other great spots for our fashion shoot.

The theme for the editorial was jeans with a western touch. It should be a short ‘on the road’ story. We were looking for a nice and quiet road, with a lot of green. We also rented an old car to have in the photo shoot.

The model we already arranged with the agency, we did some pre-production from home. It was great to have this sexy, Cosmo model!

The next day we started very early, because we wanted to have the early morning sun, which is so beautiful in Cape Town. We drove to the location and started the shoot.

It was nice and quiet and went very well. But all of a sudden… Far away I saw a couple of little monkeys coming our way. . They were very curious and came closer and closer. I must admit I am very, very scared of monkeys. So everytime they came closer, I wanted to step into the car. It started with just a few, but then all of a sudden there were many monkeys. Probably it was their area and they didn’t like us to be there.… haha! We decided to jump into the cars and have a break at a little place at the beach, which was really nice. I wanted to try the water, but it was soooo cold! We were at the West coast and if you want to swim, it’s better to choose beaches on the East coast.


After we finished our drinks we went back to make two more photos. Without monkeys…. Probably they were sleeping or watching another fashion team somewhere.

We were very lucky to have two more days in Cape Town. So the days after the shoot we had time to discover the city and other hotspots! We took the cableway to go on top of the Table Mountain and had such great views! I thought I saw some wales in the water… Of course we also visited the city centre and went for nice drinks and dinner. I especially liked the Victorian style of the older part of the city.

When I am thinking about this trip…. It’s about time for me to go back again! I would like to discover more of Cape Town and even more of South Africa… and I will stay much longer!

this is the result of the photoshoot, in Dutch Cosmopolitan:



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