Tim Gunn wants size 12-plus models for ‘Project Runway’


“I would like to do a season of ‘Project Runway’ where every model is larger than a size 12,” says Tim Gunn. The average dress size of a woman in the United States is a 14. “Project Runway” mentor Tim Gunn says most shoppers aren’t a size 2 (or smaller) and 6 feet tall.

I already wrote about Tim Gunn and I sharing the same message.

This is some great news! Finally someone in the fashion industry is standing up for the average size woman! And omg…. I would love to be part of this program. This could be a great chance for me to be one of the designers… I don’t know if it’s possible to be in this USA show, when you are from Europe.

Fashion stops at 42 EU?
Tim Gunn: “When I’m working in the real world with real women and we’re shopping, we find that fashion seems to end when you get any larger than a size 12.” And this exactly my thing. Why does great fashion stop at size 12 US, 42 EU?
The only thing I am worried about… please don’t create drag queens of these models.

Opera Divas
Tim Gunn tweeted: “By the way, a Size 14 is just on the cusp of plus size. And a motivated designer can make a Size 28 look fabulous. Think of the opera divas!” This will be the opposite… just treat these models the same as size zero models or any other woman… women with size 42 EU and up are no aliens!

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