Time for healthy models!

huffingtonpost came with an article about ‘You’re Always Too Fat for the Fashion Industry.’ Why not book the girl who is two inches too short? After all, Kate Moss is only 5’7. Miranda Frum: Why not book a model who is a size 4 or 6 instead of a 0? Time for healthy models! Time for diversity!

TV producer Miranda Frum recounts her short time in the fashion industry, and explains how fashion agencies promote unrealistic body images:
“You’re quite pretty,” Agent said. I thanked her. “Have you ever considered plus size modeling?” asked Agent. I was humiliated.

Thankfully the only people to witness this defeat were me, the agents, and my mom. I shook my head no, and took my photos. When we got outside, my Mom was in a rage. “That’s how eating disorders are CAUSED,” she fumed, as I pleaded with her not to go back into the agency to tell the agents what she thought about their weight.

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