Time to wear my bikini!!


Finally it’s summer in Holland… and going to the beach I’m wearing a bikini! Past years I was always complaining about not finding bikinis which fit me. And now I discovered different bikinis I just LOVE on Swimsuitsforall! Polkadots, floral print and even cherries! Oh, yeah!!! I am soooo happy and I can’t wait to wear them all. In all of these bikinis I am wearing size 50 EU, 20 US. For the bottoms I really needed this, would even wanted it larger! But for the top size 48 EU, 18 US would have been better! And I am a size 44 EU, 14 US top and a size 46 EU, 16 US bottom. I just love to wear my bikini bottoms very loose. That’s why I choose at least 2 sizes bigger. And wearing loose bottoms, makes you look ‘slimmer’ than you are!


Wearing the polkadot bikini, with retro high waist bottom. You see the difference. And.. oh! There’s a thigh gap??? LOL

Wearing the sexy python print bikini. For me the perfect bottom!

Let’s do the cherry style! Ohhh… I am really in love with this one! See again the difference in how I wear the bottom.

Wearing the Marilyn Monroe Rose Bikini

Check the little Marilyn Monroe message inside this bikini: “The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up.”

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