Too large and too curvy?

The November issues of Vogue America and Italy show Kate Upton’s curves. Photographer of both stories is Steven Meisel. ‘New girl in fashion’ Kate Upton (size 38 EU), model from IMG, who was thrown into the media spotlight after being called “fat”, “vulgar”, and “lardy”, is truly a model in the no-mans land of modeling at a US size 4. She is considered too big and curvy for the typical straight size modeling, but is clearly too small for plus size modeling.
So she’s an in between ‘inbetweenmodel’! I think it’s really great to show this size more and more in the high end fashion! I just love size diversity! And of course more inbetweenies as well! As long as models are super beautiful, I think it will work!

Italian Vogue, November 2012

American Vogue, November 2012

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