Triumph is looking for curves!


You can shine as these gorgeous models above in a great campaign! Since 1886 Triumph makes lingerie for women with their beautiful shape and curves. The shapewear collection Shape Sensation is perfect for every woman in every size or age! And remember curves come in every size! This is gonna be a great project and I am really supporting these kinds of projects. Hopefully they will show some diversity in sizes! This is YOUR CHANCE! If you feel comfy and embrace your curves… this might be a great opportunity to experience a photoshoot as a real model!

Arty Sensation project is a project to put women with curves in the spotlight! They want to shoot different women in their lingerie and Danish photographer Marc Høm will take the pictures at the end of February in Paris.

A video with Marc Høm:


There’s an online casting for Dutch women between the ages of 25 and 60 years. The last day you can submit your info is 27 January 2014 at 9.00 am. Everyone will get an e-mail on 31 January 2014. Are you the lucky woman? You’ll then go to the live casting on 4 February in Amsterdam. At the live casting there will be some test shoots, measuring of your sizes and finally 5 women will be selected for the photoshoot in Paris.



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