“Trust yourself, and know who you are”


Miss Piggy is now a fashion designer


Since her 1976 (same year as me) debut, Miss Piggy has established herself as a world-class diva, style icon, actress, model, Francophile and proponent of the martial arts. Now she can add fashion designer to that list.


I love with the new #missadventure campaign from Kate Spade New York with Miss Piggy. The news comes on the heels of her highly publicized breakup with Kermit the Frog back in August. As Piggy herself said in a release, “I’m experiencing a new freedom these days, taking chances, making decisions and, of course, inspiring all women to be like moi!”
Now Kate Spade New York has dedicated a holiday collection to none other than Miss Piggy,  sweaters, wallets, clutches and the like with her image, as well as that of her catchphrase, “Who, Moi?!”

And this very important message from Miss Piggy to other women: “Trust yourself, and know who you are”

And this is also my message to YOU all. If you believe in yourself. You believe and trust yourself, your body and your shape. No one can be negative touch you anymore. Because you know who you are. Great to hear these same words from Miss Piggy herself.

Miss Piggy: “Personal style begins and ends with loving WHO YOU ARE”

Miss Piggy, is for me the symbol of a very confident woman. A strong and very secure woman, some people associate confident with arrogant. Why?
I think many woman would love to be so confident and feel great about themselves. Be YOU!

The amazing Holidays campaign

Zosia Mamet and Miss Piggy

Can’t wait to see the full version of this video with Zosia Mamet (from Girls):

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