V&D goes plus size!


V&D, a Dutch department store, is also waking up! Great news! They offer plus size labels from now on! New Look is a brand that is already available in this store. But now they also offer their own plus size label: Inspire: size 48-54 EU, size 18-24 US. I am a little disappointed, because it’s only available online.

Beside this label, they also present Triangle (by S.Oliver), a plus size label ranging from size 44-54 EU, size 14-24 US. Only available in the stores in Groningen and Breda and of course online.
Very great news is that they are extending their own private label LIV. Everything will be available up to size 50 EU, size 20 US. That’s amazing! It’s very classy, casual, but I think it’s a great movement.

And the Belgium brand, Paprika… I always have to laugh, when I think about the name. It’s ‘pepper’… LOL. I must admit this is not really my style. But I think it’s great V&D offers this label now. Will be made available in the stores in Breda, Amstelveen, Rotterdam Beursplein, Groningen and online of course!

The most proud I am about the fact that they offer the Dutch designer Mart Visser. His coat collections go to a size 48 EU, 18 US. Really beautiful shapes. And it’s great that inbetween size women can shop clothes by this designer.



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