Veggies in all sizes!

On the website (=the green girls) an article about plussize vegetarians. Merel wrote this article. She’s an inbetweenie herself. She did a request on twitter and asked for plussize vegetarians and their experiences. “You eat vegetarian or vegan, you are healthy and feel good in your own skin, but you are and stay a plus size lady.” Some reactions of people towards people who are vegetarian. “But what do you eat? I aswered: I only eat carrots”. Waaahhh!

I have been a vegetarian myself for 14 years now. I always have to say why I am a vegetarian. A lot of people who don’t know me, don’t expect me to be a vegetarian. Probably because of my size? Haha, not all veggies are skinny. Conclusion: Veggies are in all types and sizes. So also in larger sizes!

I just love the curvy and sexy Jessica Rabbit, eating a carrot… illustrated by Lorenzo Sabia.

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