Victoria’s Secret back to ’round’ and ‘soft’?

Also on my birthday, November 8th, was the 2012 show of Victoria’s Secret! Gorgeous women on this enormous runway! These girls are gorgeous and their bodies are trained. Maybe a bit too much. Watching one of the first shows (started in 1996), in 1997 the show was so simple and sober, even without the wings! These models had perfect bodies. Still feminine, ’round’ and ‘soft’. Even in 2002 they were really soft feminine!
The latest show: the models are the same size, but very muscular. These women don’t need six-packs ?!?! But I must say, it’s a pleasure to watch. Seeing these beautiful women with so much confidence! I think a Kate Upton, Robyn Lawley could be in this show as well. But Kate Upton was dismissed by Victoria’s Secret. Please, tell me why?

Victoria’s Secret 1997 Runway Fashion Lingerie Show:

Victoria’s Secret – 2002 Fashion Show:

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

Rihanna surrounded by the ‘Angels’

Our ‘Dutch proud’ Doutzen!

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  • I think they’re very far from putting even a Kate Upton on the show,the only one there that represents what a real woman with a real life could be is Adriana Lima

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