Vintage is inbetweenie and plus size friendly!


Check what I have bought


This weekend I went to The Vintage Rebel in Rotterdam and I scored some amazing items. I didn’t buy the blazer above. I made a video about this shopping event…

Turn on the subtitles!!!!

Vintage is totally hot! Even new collections from the designers are inspired by the old styles! the 80s will make a comeback … 90s is going on now… and the 70s were fashion last 2 seasons. I am a huge fan of the Gucci collection, winter 16 and summer 17 will also be amazing! The combinations are awesome!

Gucci, AW’16

And what I love about vintage the most are 2 things. You can make your own unique style. And the items from the 80s are very inbetweenie and plus size friendly!

I scored this blouse… so happy! (jeans is Zizzi)

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