Vintage sunglasses…



Very very happy when I discovered a website with vintage feel (sun)glasses! On Giant Vintage I saw soooo many cool vintage and retro sunglasses. They offer a wide selection of vintage deadstock sunglasses and limited run reproductions of the most iconic sunglasses. I just didn’t know where to start and which ones to pick! Finally I bought 5 pieces. See below how they fit me… As a fashionista, I am not only addicted to clothes, shoes, bags or watches. No; sunglasses are my big, big addiction!

What’s so great about sunglasses is that size is NOT IMPORTANT! Shapes are! On this website you have so much choice… And they have many, many shapes, styles and colours! So I was happy when the package from LA arrived. It’s good to know they’re shipping to Europe as well.

This is BROADCAT gloss black, 24 dollars.

This is the ISLA black/copper, only 8 dollars!

This is the CX-MAN demi, 16 dollars!

This is THE VAUGHN tortoise, 12 dollars.

This is THE DEALER black, only 8 dollars.


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