Violeta AW 17 show some real fashion!


Omg… On a real hot day here in the Netherlands, and I want to show you the AW 17 collection from Violeta. Why? Because I can’t wait to show it, because I am in love with a few items.
Finally Violeta is showing some real trendy stuff here.

Usully I am not a fan of fake fur coats… but come on!!! I need these in my life! I must admit, this collection is really my style, I see the fun in this collection! #FashionisFUN


Violeta by MANGO 468x90


Styling and combination are REAL FASHION… finally a plus size brand shows that it’s possible. Thank you Violeta, for taking the plus size woman seriously.



Favorite items, this is really my style… FASHION IS FUN!!



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