I visited Violeta in Maastricht


I already wrote a few times about the Violeta collection from Mango. The plus size sister of Mango. Finally I visited Mango in Maastricht and I could try the items and I got this real shop experience. I think it’s great they offer this collection. Because most of the Mango items are way too small for women with size 42 Eu, 12 U and up. So Violeta is a great chance to buy the style.

What me made soooo happy is the large range of blazers and jackets. Longer blazers, which are missing in many plus size collections of other brands. Well done, Mango team!

I’m wearing this lovely white blazer, great shape and nice fit! Very comfy!

Check it out online… in SALE now!

great red blazer, not available online… perfect fit and color!

But… I saw not many great items I like for myself. I was already surprised that it’s such a basic collection. And seeing it in real life, it was very basic and casual indeed. For a real fashionista, I like the Mango collection more. That’s why I’m asking: WHY IS VIOLETA SO DIFFERENT? The sizes are very small. I had to wear an XL.

I am a little confused… why can’t the designers team of Mango just extend some great shape fashion items from the Mango collection for the Violeta collection? Yes, it is possible. You just have to watch the shape and make a plus size version.

Violeta is soooo much more expensive. Why is this? I know, during my own designing and making my own label, I needed more fabric for the larger sizes. But the quality is the same as Mango, so the prices could be almost the same. Why are plus size women punished now to spend more money on an item when the ‘normal Mango collection’ is the same quality.

Very good to see so many longer blazers, this makes me very happy!

And then…. all of a sudden… I saw these.. I was completely in SHOCK! No words..

And why these sooooo NOT sexy shoes? Mango always have the most great heels, sandals, etc. Shoes can be the same for every woman, a plus size woman doesn’t want ugly shoes??

Wearing this great dress, felt very very well! The shape was perfect and creates a real hourglass figure! Now in sale

A very nice top with lace… very simple, but very stylish!

Also many colors… me like!

Check this out: the blazer on the left would have been perfect in the Violeta collection. But why isn’t it there? And then the prices…


  • I agree!!! I bought the white blazer from your first pic some weeks ago for the regular price 80 € 🙁 …it’s expensive but I love it <3 <3 <3

  • I was so excited when I heard about Violeta and I was so very disappointed when I saw it online. Thank you for your honest opinion. I guess you could find one or two nice things but overall everything is just so very plain. I’m personally not a big fan of blazers, maybe because they never fit me right as my shoulders are to wide an my arms too long.
    I would love to talk to a person responsible for deciding what a plus size collection is supposed to look like, it would really interest me to know what the reasons are for them to make it so different from “normal” sized clothes.

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