Vogue Australia shows diversity in sizes and ages!


This month marks the first anniversary of international Vogue editors signing a health initiative to promote positive body image within their pages. Vogue Australia editor Edwina McCann has already knocked back a number of models for being too thin. And tomorrow she will launch her June edition, the Body Issue, focusing on exercise, nutrition and models of a range of sizes and ages. Yes!!

Diversity it is! It also features a swimwear shoot with gorgeous inbetweenie model Robyn Lawley. “I hope that women can look at me and relate or feel better about their bodies”, Robyn said. “Too often we focus all our energy on diets instead of nutrition, I think it’s better to be happy and content with your natural size.”

I am very curious what other issues of Vogue are going to do with the theme ‘health initiative’. I think ‘Down Under’ are doing a lot of good work with their magazines. Really great! They also have their ‘normal size’ symbol Robyn! Can’t wait to see this month’s Vogue Italia, UK, US and of course our own country’s: Vogue the Netherlands…


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