Vogue NL finally shows a different size!


Finally…. it was about time, Vogue Netherlands, that you show a plus size model in your magazine! And guess who? Yes… Danielle van Grondelle… so proud of her. And she really deserves it! It’s Vogue promotion, probably because of her Samsung campaign, she will be the face for. Another amazing peak for plus size in The Netherlands.
In the USA Danielle works a lot, because in the USA, there it’s already ‘normal’ to see different sizes models. Here it’s not. One critical thing on my side, why are all these pictures headshots? Danielle has an AMAZING curvy body… It would have been great we also saw that… anyway… I am so happy to see a model like Danielle in your magazine!

Vogue NL, in the future I would like to see a real editorial with models in different sizes, you are fashion forward, but not in body positivity or diversity… so… wake up! and show us more of this!

Photography: Paul Bellaart




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