Vogue September issue


Hahahaha… I found this article on Huffington Post with this illustration. Is it the truth, the awful truth, and nothing but the truth? Marta Ibarrondo made this illustration and statement about the September issue. What do you think when you read the September issues of all magazines? Are you inspired? What about the fashion? The dreams, the illusions? Let me know… I am very interested in your opinion!


  • I am torn – I LOVE fashion and glamour and style and beauty and makeup… I often wish I had pursued a career in it (I began as a Clinique consultant but ended up moving on to other things). But as excited as I get buying a magazine like Vogue, I quickly feel really out of touch with it's images. It's like the fashion world is preaching to us that fashion only belongs to tall stick people. I can't relate to the pictures in these magazines, as much as I try. And I do only end up getting down about my own short and more rounded shape. Then I read you blog and suddenly I'm reminded that women of all sizes can look stunning and fashionable. When oh when will the fashion world wake up and cater to us all? And I mean all – tall, thin, short, fat, and "in between". We are all women and all beautiful. Why can't we all be represented in fashion magazines?

    • Thanx for this beautiful message! And exactly!! It’s time for diversity in fashion.. hope some day the fashion industry will wake up! Working hard on this!

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