WANT in my SIZE! Part 2

Every time I see the new fashion runways filled with FANTASTIC items, I think… if I had the money.. I WOULD WANT this in my closet. But, if I really had the money, it would not be in my SIZE. Do you have that ‘problem’? Want to spend some money on really beautiful fashion? But you can’t find it in your size?
I think it’s still ridiculous that designer pieces are not available in size 42 (EU) and bigger. Every time I ask myself this question: why?

This time: Chloe, pre autumn 2013.


  • For the same reason the Satorialist has NEVER put a plus size woman on his blog, or even one with curves…actually there was one, about a size 10 girl with a gorgeous figure. He called her a BIGGER girl. And designers design for skinny women.

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