We HAVE to be creative!

A nice article of Bethany Rutter on Huffington Post: ‘Why Fat, Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers Have Creative Style.’ Of course women above a size 42 (EU) HAVE to be creative to find fashionable clothes in their sizes! For every blogger under size 40 it’s an easy job! And yes: many of these bloggers share the same style. Also because they are ‘just’ young girls who love clothes. The average age of ’40+Size bloggers’ is also higher than the young size zero’s bloggers. And ’40+Size bloggers’ are most of the time bigger their whole life. So they know their body and what works and what doesn’t.
As I speak for myself: As a fashion stylist I know what the next seasons are doing in fashion. I want to create the looks which are ‘in fashion’. But I can’t buy it from the designers, because it doesn’t come in my size: I have to be creative to create these ‘designers looks’. And plus size labels are always too late with the fashion pieces!

Check out my looks on video:



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