Weight does not dictate your health


Such a great message of Julie Rochefort, during Ted X in 2012. Julie Rochefort is a beautiful thin woman who weighs ‘only’ 50 kilos. But this is her natural weight and she feels very good about this. She has been called ‘the skinny bitch’. Julie: “People think I am on a diet, or I am one of those who can eat everything they want.” But she is just the way she is… don’t judge her on it! We should stop calling people ‘too thin’ or ‘too fat’ and just accept their natural body size.

It’s time to stop this ‘thin ideal’ and focus on a ‘health ideal’. There is weight discrimination in every category. When it comes to ‘fat people’, there are these prejudices. They are called lazy, in-active. A fat child is child abuse and fat parents are bad role models. Researches about this show some surprising results about people who are overweight. Over 50% of overweight people are actually healthy.

So why always saying overweight people are NOT healthy? We should stop this whole BMI (Body Mass Index) system. That system is not a good tool to measure health. Thin people aren’t automatically healthy. What about those who are smoking, never working out, skipping meals, etc. Is that a healthy life style? We should stop using weight as health indicator. Because it’s not!

I completely agree with this message of Julie Rochefort and my message for 2014: try to live as healthy as possible in your own size. Don’t try another diet, no… they don’t work! A healthy lifestyle will work! Yes! Give that a try… I am supporting this message a lot! Be healthy and happy in your own size!

Julie Rochefort

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