What exactly is an ‘inbetweenie’?

Since I have said it loud: the new name INBETWEENIE has been born!
INBETWEENIE=in between size (size 12-18/20 UK)
(a woman who’s size is exactly between STRAIGHT & PLUS)

Unfortunately most high-fashion labels run their collections just up to size 12.
Nevertheless it’s a fact that more and more European women are ‘in betweenies’.
For this ‘forgotten group’ it is very hard to find fashionable clothes.
This group is big and is just getting bigger and bigger as a result of the increase in size of people in wealthy countries… For what reason would they be denied to wear such a beautiful designer item? Or ‘why aren’t they allowed to buy a nice designer item ?

The plus size fashion collections often don’t fit the ‘in betweenies’. The fit is either too big, too coarse or too wide. It’s shapeless. Most plus size fashion shops don’t even carry a lot of trendy items. For straight size fashion you have a bigger chance in succeeding in shops as Zara and Cos. Here you pick out al the XL’s and try them all on in the fitting room (always do so) and with a bit of luck you will find something you like. The biggest chance in succeeding will be with jackets, tops and dresses, because the fit is mostly a bit wider. Fortunately there are already numerous big fashion chains, like Top Shop, River Island, New Look and Primark, that bring their collections in a larger range of sizes, mostly up to size 18.

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  • There has been an inbetweenies community on LiveJournal for several years now 😉 you might wanna take a look, although I prefer Fatshionista overall.

    Nice blog btw, good to see a Dutch girl blogging about fat fashion.

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