What exactly is ‘plussize’?

On refinery29.com an interesting article about: What exactly ‘plussize’ is.
Edith: As I mention all the time, the good models working in the ‘plussize’ fashion are NOT plussize women, but INBETWEENIES!

Madeline Figueroa-Jones, Editor-in-Chief of Plus model mag : “At the moment, plus-size models range from size 10 to 16. There are a few size six, eight, 18, and 20 models working, but very few and far between.

Madisonplus We are just at the point were size 12’s, 14’s, and 16’s are starting to be included in major magazines.
Edith: there should be more diversity of sizes in magazines.

Gabi Gregg, Blogger at Gabi Fresh I shop at stores with size-zero models and at stores with size-20 models.
Edith: I also shop everywhere, but always STRAIGHT size shopping! I never do plussize brands!

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