What is exactly your bra size?

Last week I visited Berger Lingerie in Maastricht. I was invited by Chantal Berger to have myself measured. What is my bra size? I didn’t know exactly. I have done a measurement once at Victoria’s Secret in New York. And these bra’s are perfect for me! Even at Lane Bryant I bought my favorite one! But now I know exactly my size.
Did you know that 70% of all women wear the wrong bra size??? Berger Lingerie invites you to come to their shop and you can have your bra size measures for free get some very good advice! And as follower of my blog, you will get 10% discount if you would like to buy a bra. They have a lot of large sizes. So if you are in Holland and will visit Maastricht. Give it a chance! Did you know that wearing the perfect bra will make you look a few pounds lighter?

Print and take this to the shop!

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