What is plus size?


This is really funny… I started a discussion a month ago about: what is plus size? Because I am so tired of this endless size discussion for plus size “Being not big enough…” These are some opinions of my followers on this subject on my Facebook Page:

“Plus size means bigger than normal. So 1-2 sizes above the national average.”
“I would say plus size begins around 20 US.”

“I mean simply the average of the country. So if the national average is 42 then I would say 46 is plus size and size 38 and below is petite size. If the national average is 48 then plus size would be 52 and up. I think it’s not easy to determine what’s plus size because people in China are smaller on average than in Europe so there can never be 1 worldwide standard in my opinion.”

“There is no right answer to that. I think plussize originated as a word to describe a clothing line, then it was used to identify the group of women buying those clothes, then it stopped making sense whatsoever because the (plussize) fashion world (both clothes and models) have since then diversified so much that there is no “1″ size where plussize begins.”
” Skinny (32, 34, 36 EU) average (38, 40, 42 EU)-inbetweenie (44, 46, 48 EU)-plus size (50, 52, 54 EU)-oversize (every size above). ”

“I’ve always wondered why sizes can’t just be sizes without adding the ‘plus’ to it? every designer is different, fabrics are different, bridal is completely different, which shows there can’t really be one definite number as ‘plus’… just my opinion though”
” In the US, plus size charts starts with 18. The US average woman is 10-14. A size US 12 is a 35 inch waist, measured just below the belly button. With the calculation of the average woman in the US being 5’5″, and taking her average height, cut in half, being a “healthy size” gives her a waist size- measured just below the belly button – of 32.5 This puts her at about a size 10. Given the scientific fact that women that carry slightly over average weight live longer and healthier lives then those that are slightly under average, I would say that anyone that wears an 18 US or above, depending on their height, could be considered a plus size.”


And this is the subject of the January issue of Plus Model Magazine. Finally they will come with this discussion about sizes for the plus size industry. They did a survey with some interesting results.


When you shop in- store, online, catalog or on TV, 92,9 % would notice the size of the model in advertisements or campaign pictures.

91,4 % would prefer to see plus size models, larger than a size 12, in campaigns, advertisements and magazines.

64,4 % affects the size of the model the way you shop.

95,8 % Would like to see plus size companies use models who are more representative of their customers.


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