What is Victoria’s real ‘SECRET’?

The sales people of Victoria’s Secret are the ones who choose the models. They ‘test’ the models to public who does en doesn’t sell well to the public. The point is, they choose women who are called attractive by other women. The real secret behind this: choose models who are NOT in the men’s magazines. Because these women are too much ‘competition’ to their clients. This should be the main reason, Victoria’s Secret didn’t choose Kate Upton, because she was in so many men’s magazines last time. Hmm…. I am not sure this was the real reason not to let Kate Upton on the runway. She didn’t really have ‘their sizes’.
Victoria’s Secret models show their personality and are really in the picture, without being immature or sleazy. Models get media training. The trend for these models: faces with character and personality.

And yes: Dutch model Doutzen is super gorgeous! Men and women love this woman!


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  • I love VS. The runway shows, the lingerie, the perfumes, but I seriously dislike their philosophy. They’re making bras and panties for women with no boobs and no booty. What’s the point? Last year when I was in the US I was super excited to go to a VS store, but when I got there, nothing fit. The biggest cup was a D…
    Nevertheless I do think that VS models are gorgeous women with beautiful bodies. Because not only curvy fuller ones are sexy. Every girl is sexy in her own way.:)

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